With Form It Threatens Silence

by Kurt Rongey

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber Kurt Rongey - one creative half of the fantastic "Underground Railroad" - is one of the most skilled and innovative avantgarde artists I'm currently aware of, and frankly I don't understand at all why he doesn't sell much more copies of this terrific album here. Kurt Rongey is a true master of contemporary counterpoint and polyphony, and casts a huge shadow on all those wannabe-proggers who think they can keep up with him, but just keep on rehashing the same old dull musical phrases. Favorite track: Eroica.
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Four pieces - a paean to pioneers of science, an instrumental suite celebrating things mechanical, a dirge about crises of faith, and an extended cyberphonic poem about man's impulse to transcend.

Although most of the material was written in an initial creative burst of a few months, this album was difficult to bring to completion. All instrumental parts were played and sequenced on a single keyboard - the Kurzweil K2000, between March and November 1993, with the exception of the slightly earlier track 4. "Kunstwolle" was the only piece to be altered in the ensuing years, subject to a tightening up in 1995. The intention to record the vocal parts for the relevant tracks was hindered for over a decade by life's necessities and inadequate equipment for the task. Finally in spring 2005, while recording vocal tracks for The Underground Railroad's "The Origin of Consciousness." vocals were laid down. Yet another year passed before completion in 2007. Perhaps appropriate to its technological slant, "With Form It Threatens Silence" has never been available on CD, only as a digital download.


released May 12, 2007

Kurt Rongey: Kurzweil K2000, vocals.
David Basby played keyboards and participated in the composition of Mechmech C. David appears courtesy of Esotericity Music.



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Kurt Rongey Fort Worth, Texas

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Track Name: Eroica
Waving window
Light that turns my eye
Looking in at us
From your old world

Over our heads
Sprinkled through the sky
On the frost we stand
While you climb there

Still our world is young
Run from the limelight
As if from another dimension
Hold to a hope
Take your place
And stay with us for future days.

Out of the darkness
Opportunity appears again

An idea from something deep inside you.
It's worth the pain to see
If your course will take its time.
Track Name: Mechmech A
Track Name: Mechmech B
Track Name: Mechmech C
Track Name: Lie Still
Lie still
It's descending from your tired eye
Apprehended underneath
That homicidal sky

Come out
For it pulls at every living cell
Throwing rainbows overhead
Snowcaps and spinning bell

When the golden kingdoms are far away
I reflect and I deny
The savage words you say
Track Name: Kunstwolle
Dealt the hand that quickly lost us the game
In the gorge the exile in perfume lost.

Seraphim, the light within me.
Fantasy, and hidden turnstiles.
Help me walk beyond this song.
Close the case and snuff the candles.
Shelter those I love.

Hopefulness encased in longing
I heard in the night
the sound of unbending sleep

Pooled around a stolen meaning
Glimmering above the shoreline
Mirror image of myself
With each day it takes its breath
With form it threatens silence

End of an age
Leaves flowering forth on the branch
Shaken by spring

Smooth against our frozen hands
Full of wine and winding out
Blown from the center of the sun
Home is thrown away in shortened space
Galaxies are moving out across the edge

Piece of rock
evolved, moved while I
watched and learned and followed

speed and voracity
pummeling the mortar
the pent-up things scattered all over the floor

slithering into the stillness
as the coursing blood fires on through hallways

peeling through the morning
into daylight through the evening

struck, passed, welded out of flashing slivers

through the days
slamming into weeks through the turning moon
spilling slivered flashes on the mass

I stopped the standing waves
sounded out a beaming smile
made the matter glow
slid across the hardened prow
careened around the edges

racing through a year
into decades through the pitching generations

no time, no need to grasp or clutch
your screeching signs